Hotel Rules

Please read the following rules

The hotel management will be very grateful for cooperation and observing the these rules which are to ensure the peace and safety of stay to all of our Guests.

  • The hotel rooms are rented by days.
  • A hotel day lasts from 15.00 until 11.00.
  • A person checking in at the hotel is obliged to show a valid identity document with the current address of the guest.
  • Hotel rooms are rented:
    • after previous booking;
    • without previous booking if the hotel has free rooms in the period specified by the interested person.

If a person interested in the stay in a hotel made an earlier reservation, cancellation without incurring any cost is possible only on the date and in accordance with the conditions indicated in the reservation confitmation.If the Customer wishes to cancel the reservation, is obliged to inform the Hotel in writing.

If the guest does not use the room during the first hotel day and does not cancel the booking it will be automatically cancelled at the end of the first hotel day. The same rules apply to the change of hotel room booking.

  • If the guest does not specify the length of his stay at the latest on the date of arrival the hotel shall assume that the room is rented for one day.
  • The request to extend the stay beyond the period specified at the latest on the arrival date should be made at the reception desk by 10:00 on the last day of the room rental period.
  • The hotel considers the requests to extend stay according to its current capacity.

The hotel may refuse the request to extend the stay despite having he capacity if the guest or a person visiting the guest violates the hotel rules.

  • The whole hotel is a non-smoking area (common areas, hotel rooms, including balconies). Smoking of any tabacco products, including e-cigarettes, tabacco heaters etc. is strictly prohibited. Disregarding this prohibition may result in a fine of PLN 1000 for the costs of dearomatization of the room and minimum PLN 1000 if the fire brigade reacts to the smoke alarm activation. Smoking is allowed only in one specified location – in the internal patio on the ground floor.
  • In case of suspicion of break smoking ban in the room or in the balcony, the hotel staff has the right to check the room.
  • Cost of loosing the key/card: PLN 50.
  • The hotel provides services according to its category and standard. If you have any objections concerning the quality of services please notify the reception desk immediately.
  • The hotel is obliged to provide:
    • conditions for a full and unrestrained rest of a guest,
    • safety of stay, including keeping any information about the guest in secret,
    • professional and kind service,
    • room cleaning and performing any necessary repairs of facilities during the guest’s absence,
    • and in case of his presence only if he agrees and wishes it.
    • If the defects in the room cannot be remedied,another room will be offered according to current capacity or another way of remedying the defect.
  • At guest’s request the hotel offers the following services:
    • we offer information connected to stay and travel,
    • waking up at the hour of your choice,
    • storing the luggage of the guests that checked in at the hotel.
  • The hotel is not responsible for the loss or damage of the items brought by the guest using its services in the scope specified in article 846-849 of the Polish Civil Code.
  • The guest should notify the the reception desk about any damages immediately after he or she becomes aware of it.
  • The responsibility of the hotel by way of loss of money, securities, valuables or items of scientific or artistic value is limited if these were not placed in the hotel safe that are available in the hotel rooms or are not reported at he reception desk during the check in.
  • The hotel is not responsible for the loss or damage to the items brought by the guest if the damage was caused by the fault of persons visiting him.
  • The hotel is not responsible for damage or loss of a car or any other vehicle of the guest.
  • The hotel guest bears material responsibility for any damages or destruction of hotel’s equipment and technical facilities caused by his fault or by the fault of persons visiting such guest at the hotel.
  • Each time when leaving the room the guest should check if the door is closed.
  • The hotel guest may not transfer the room to third parties even if the period for which the guest paid the fee due has not passed.
  • Persons that are not checked in at the hotel may stay at the hotel room between 7.00 and 23.00.
  • Silence is to be kept at the hotel from 23.00 to 7.00.
  • The hotel may refuse to accept a guest who during a previous stay grossly violated the hotel rules causing damage to hotel or other guest property or damages to the persons of other guests, hotel employees or other persons at the hotel or in other way disturbed the stay of other guests or the hotel’s functioning.
  • Due to fire safety it is prohibited to use coil heaters, electric irons and other similar devices that are not part of the hotel room equipment.
  • Personal items left after the guest’s departure in the hotel room shall be sent to the address given by the guest. If the hotel does not get such a disposition the hotel shall keep such items for 3 months.
  • These rules are an integral part of a hotel service contract.

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